About SRT

Company Profile

Beijing Software Robot Technology Co。, Ltd。 was founded in March 2016。 Through the research on the pneumatic deformation mechanism of flexible materials, the R&D team of the company developed a set of design and manufacturing methods for soft robots。 SRT software gripper, a substitute product of the company, has many patented technologies, and a single device can grasp different sizes。 Intelligent automation is introduced into the fields of food sorting and multi-category comprehensive packaging, which are difficult to be applied by traditional mechanical grippers。

Development History

  • 2019
    Qualified as High & New Technological Enterprise in August
  • 2019
    Established Shenzhen Soft Robots Tech Co.,Ltd in June
  • 2018
    Established Shenzhen Soft Robots Tech Co.,Ltd in April
  • 2018
    Awarded “Leading Talents of Zhangjiagang” and “Leading Talents of Suzhougusu”
  • 2017
    Established Suzhou Soft Robots Tech Co.,Ltd in December
  • 2016
    Established Beijing Soft Robots Tech Co.,Ltd in March
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